Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How Long Does Magic Press Stay On?
A: Magic Press typically stays on for about 5 to 7 days depending on the lifestyle of the wearer and the natural oiliness of their nails. It is not recommended to wear beyond 7 days. We recommend allowing your nails to rest for 2 days before applying a new set.
Q: So Will Magic Press Nails Come Off When I Wash My Hair Or Wash My Hands? 
A: Magic Press stays on when you wash your hair, hands, face or go swimming but it is recommended not to for the first 3 hours or so after application so that you can get maximum wear out of your Magic Press nails. The first few minutes right after application is when the adhesive can be “activated” by pressing as long as possible on your nails since they are pressure sensitive.
Q: What Is “Pressure Sensitive Adhesion”?
A: It’s a proprietary technology used only on Dashing Diva Magic Press products. Basically, it means the more you press, the longer it will stay on and the stronger it will hold.
Q: Can I Reuse Magic Press Nail Tips With Nail Glue?
A: No. Magic Press is designed to be a disposable nail tip. Re-using Magic Press is not recommended as it could deform the product. The use of foreign adhesive ingredient could make the product difficult to remove and will cause damage to your natural nails.
Q: What Is The Expiration Period For Magic Press?
A: Magic Press can be stored for one year after opening. However, improper storage will decrease the efficacy of the adhesive. It should, therefore, be sealed and kept away from extreme heat or cold, and away from sunlight. Magic Press usually comes off on their own after 5 to 7 days but if you want them off sooner, just take soak some nail polish remover with a wood stick and slowly peel them off starting from your cuticles. Full product guide here. For Magic Press Petite, soak nails in warm water for a few minutes to dissolve the water-based glue, then slowly peel them off from the cuticles. Full product guide here.
Q: Will Magic Press Damage My Natural Nails?
A: No, Magic Press is completely safe. It is not damaging since you are not gluing them on or removing them with any harsh chemicals. The removal process is easy and gentle on your nails.
Q: What If I Cannot Find The Correct Magic Press Nail Tip Size?
A: Magic Press set consists of 12 nail sizes in total of 30 pieces (24 pieces for Pedicure, 10 sizes in 24 pieces for Petite). The product is developed according to the average Asian woman's nail sizes after conducting a research with 700 Asian women. You can select the size that fits each nail. We recommend using Long Type Magic Press for those with longer nail beds.
Q: Can I Adjust The Length Of Magic Press Nail Tips?
A: Yes! A nail file or nail clipper can be used to shape and shorten your Magic Press nails to your desire.
Q: Why Are There Limited Number Of Pieces And Sizes Of Nail Tips With Fancy Designs Within A Magic Press Set?
A: Dashing Diva designs each set with ‘accent nail’ style manicure in mind. ‘Accent nails’ showcase a bit of your personality and adds contrast, without taking it over the top, because it only involves one or two nails (usually the index, middle or ring finger). Feel free to mix and match nail tips from 2 or more Magic Press sets to show your individual style.
Q: What Are Magic Gel Strips?
A: They are NOT nail wraps/ nail stickers/ nail appliques, which are essentially vinyl stickers. Gel strips are actual self-adhesive gel polish in their cured form. Base coat, nail colour/ art and top coat are fused in a single strip. This makes it slightly flexible when applying it to fit your nail, giving you safe, convenient, salon-quality nails in minutes. No other nail products (top coat, UV lamp, etc.) are required. Although, we do recommend applying Damage Relief before application if you have damaged nail surface, or desire protection from any surface damage.
Q: What Is The Difference Between Magic Gel Strips And Gloss Nail Palettes?
A: They are the same finished product but the difference is in the product content configuration.
Q: How Do I Apply And Remove Magic Gel Strip Correctly?
A: Please visit this How-To page for detailed instructions on how to apply and remove Magic Gel Strip.
Q: Do I Need To Cure Magic Gel Strip With A Uv Lamp?
A: No, it is a self-adhesive product that does not need to be cured with a UV lamp.
Q: How Long Will Magic Gel Strip Last?
A: Magic Gel Strip will last up to 14 days under normal wear conditions. Prolonged exposure to water/ moisture and extreme heat will decrease wear.
Q: Will Magic Gel Strips Damage My Natural Nails?
A: No, they do not damage the nails when removed correctly. If you would like to take precautions and protect your nails, or your already damaged nail surface, we recommend using our Damage Relief after prepping your nails, and before applying Magic Gel Strips or Magic Press.
Q: Can I Reuse Magic Gel Strips?
A: No, Magic Gel Strips are designed and manufactured for one-time use. Please discard after use.
Q: Are Magic Press Or Magic Gel Strips Safe For Pregnant Women?
A: The "pressure sensitive" adhesive used in Magic Press has been tested for product and material safety and can be safely used by pregnant women. The Korea Standard Test Laboratory have certified Dashing Diva's gel strips safe from harmful substance.